The Program

Standing Tall in Hamilton is a not-for-profit, award winning, school based mentoring program that works with children from year 4 to year 12.

The program provides positive guidance, support, routine and encouragement so that the student may develop a healthy connection to school and the opportunities that education provides. The Standing Tall Mentoring Hamilton program works in collaboration with local primary and secondary schools, supported by many local community groups business and philanthropists.

Students currently studying in Years 4 to 12, who fit the relevant criteria and who wish to be involved may apply to have a mentor. As of 2018, Standing Tall in Hamilton had changed the lives of over 250 children and their mentors.

Mentors, who are carefully screened and trained from the local Hamilton community, meet with their mentees for an hour weekly. Activities include volunteering together, table tennis, games, and excursions, cooking and sharing hot lunches. The careful matching of mentees and mentors allows for the greatest program outcomes. The relationship continues for a minimum of 12 months, but frequently lasts for many years.

“I love it when (my mentee) sighs when the bell goes.”

Why we Mentor

Today’s generation of young people is the largest in history. These children may not hold a job and may not own a house. For the first time in history their outlook is bleaker than their parents. We need to work together to arm our youth with the skills and resilience they will need to successfully navigate their adult world.

By utilising early intervention and mentoring programs Standing Tall is able to keep at risk members in the community involved in their school work. The support and encouragement the students receive enables them to forge school and life plans many never would have imagined without this program.

Ultimately, keeping young people engaged in their schooling is the greatest social and economic investment a community can make.