Harley & Min

Harley began his mentoring journey with Min when he was in Grade 5 at the age of ten, and to date they have been our longest running mentoring pair, completing their mentoring journey here at Baimbridge in 2019, when Harley Graduated from Year 12.

Min has been a fabulous support to Harley for almost 8 years, and even though their mentoring journey at Standing Tall has ended, she is supporting him out in the real world.

One of the most memorable things that Harley has taken away from their time together is Min’s encouragement to “always keep your eyes open for opportunities and reach out and grab them”. This advice has served Harley well in many facets of his life.

School life has not always been smooth sailing for Harley, he admits to missing a fair bit of school in Year 9, but Min was always there to support him and encourage him to re-engage.

As the years have passed, Min has been instrumental in helping Harley achieve many of his life goals. Encouraging and supporting him to look for employment – Harley now has a full-time job at Hamilton KFC, where he is undertaking Certificate 3 in Retail.

She has supported him in many practical ways, for example; finding him a suit to wear to his brother’s wedding, helping him get glasses when the need was identified, helping him practise for his Learner Driver permit, and taking him for his test at Vic Roads.

Harley acted as the Standing Tall Peer mentor for two years, and through this, was given the opportunity to share about his mentoring journey with various community groups and also on radio. He has taken so much out of being a participant in the program, that he hopes to come back and be a mentor himself one day.

Harley regards Standing Tall as an excellent opportunity and urges anyone given the chance to “Snap it up!”

“Snap it up”

Alan & Patrick

In 2014 Alan won the Victorian and National Youth Mentor or the Year award. Alan has been mentoring with Standing Tall in Hamilton since 2011. Patrick is his mentee:

“When accepted as a mentor I examined the Standing Tall program system from a personal point of view questioning my motives for wishing to be a mentor. I believed I was too old to bridge the ‘Generation Gap’ and so selfishly thought I had much to gain but little to give. Time has proved me wrong!

I have learnt so much, especially through my relationship with Patrick. Without seeking rewards, I do have much to gain – I gain a lasting friendship, treasured memories, shared self belief, and above all the knowledge that I have helped Patrick, by walking not behind him, by walking not in front of him, but beside him!”

Patrick on being mentored by Alan:

“Alan is a great mentor, it is great hanging out with someone so wise, who can teach me lots of interesting stuff, he used to be a teacher, so he has lots to share. We enjoy a lot of the same things. Standing Tall has given me a new friend, someone with common interests.

He teaches me a lot about music, different cultures (especially his Scottish heritage), facts about different places, and how things differ to Australia. We enjoy reading Poetry together, we have explored the works of Robert Burns. He encourages me in my love of music, gets me to play pieces on my violin. Alan is hoping that we might soon sing and play the violin together somewhere. We have watched Symphony performances together.

“There is so much we can learn from each other, this is a great experience!”

“Mentoring changed my life”


Shanai is one of the finest graduates of Standing Tall Mentoring in Hamilton. This is her story…

“Mentoring changed my life! Before Jackie (Mentor), I didn’t have much confidence, I kept to myself. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, I hated being at school.

Through the Standing Tall program at Baimbridge College, I met Jackie. She listened to me, she encouraged me to chase my dreams and supported me in achieving some of my goals, including helping me gain my first job at KFC.

She showed me that I could be whatever I wanted to be. I now have confidence in myself, and I have a plan for my future.”

Since completing the program, Shanai now lives in Warrnambool and is studying Certificate 3 in Children Services at South West TAFE. She continues to act as an ambassador for the program, and has become an excellent public speaker through talking to community groups about her mentoring experience.